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Evo Celebrates 5 Years 🥂

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Evo Communications, as well as my own personal leap into the world of entrepreneurship. Reflecting on these past five years, I am reminded of the “fill-my-cup assignment” I committed to as I began this journey. I challenged myself to create a company that fulfils me professionally and personally, while making a meaningful contribution to the corporate communications profession.

Five years later, I discovered my superpower as a talent scout and professional matchmaker in the field of corporate communications. Shortly after founding the company, busy corporate communicators started calling me to help them in a way I didn't expect. They had a few minutes to brief me on their temporary staffing need and wanted to see if I would take on the assignment of finding them the perfect match. They knew that with my corporate communications experience, my eye for talent, and my broad network, I could find them the right solo practitioner. And I did – again and again, until it eclipsed my own direct communications consulting work and became the fastest growing area of the Evo business.

This led to at least a hundred intro meetings (and counting) with amazingly talented solo communicators who stepped off the corporate ladder to contribute to our profession as contractors and consultants. I listen to each person' s story and consider how I might contribute to their own business success by finding them corporate assignments that highlight their communication superpowers and fit their desired lifestyle.

Most of the solo consultants that are part of the Evo circle of talent are women. Their personal stories inspire me to find more ways to lift women business owners up, including donating to organizations like WomenVenture when Evo rings the “new client bell.”

I look forward to the next five years at Evo, supporting the evolution of integrated corporate communications teams and growing my network of driven professionals. There are so many more ways to help and we’re just getting started.


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