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Evo is a professional matchmaking service – connecting business leaders with highly driven and dynamic communications professionals.   

Evo consultants are strategically vetted, ensuring a compatible match with your company culture, technical needs and organizational goals.  Our top-tier talent integrates seamlessly into your business, bringing forth the highest level of flexibility, professionalism, and expertise to get the job done.  

These consultants are ready to serve you:

Expert Storyteller: Streamlining Communications Through Effective Brand Positioning

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Highly successful at building a pillar for strategic and sustainable communications, this Evo consultant believes the heart is in the content.  This individual has the proven ability to leverage cross-functional teams to create engaging internal and external communications across global organizations, bringing brand experiences to life.   

Her experience encompasses new product introductions, corporate storytelling and strategic planning to effectively position communications and support operational growth. 


  • Content development 

  • Storytelling 

  • Brand journalism 

  • Editorial communications 



Immediate availability, up to 25 hours per week  


Integrated Marketing & Communications Consultant: Diverse Experience to Deliver Creative Solutions

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Leveraging the power of authenticity and collaboration to create working partnerships that thrive, this Evo consultant has more than a decade of marketing, communications, product marketing, and event management experience. They are known for using their diverse background to provide consultation in standing up and executing on complex strategic initiatives.

This consultant has a passion for creating integrated communications solutions, conceptualizing innovative townhall experiences and bringing them to life, and crafting creative stories that support and engage all levels of an enterprise.


  • Strategic planning

  • Integrated communication campaigns

  • Internal communications

  • Content development

  • Townhall support

  • Culture and employee experience 



Immediate availability, up to 20 hours per week  

Strategic Communications Consultant: Driver of Organizational Change 

Adept at managing competing priorities, this Evo consultant is known for successfully transitioning into complicated projects to build rapport, provide strategic counsel and create strategic plans to help you achieve your goals.   


Past successes include leading a talented team to oversee internal communications channels at Target, piloting executive social media at Cargill, and building a sustainable communications plan for COVID-19 response at North Memorial Health. 

This Evo consultant is passionate about helping clients promote greater dialogue and engagement through storytelling, equipping leaders with appropriate tools and resources and developing new channels to shape internal and external perceptions. 


If you are seeking an innovative professional who has proven success in streamlining information into effective communication strategies, let’s chat!  



  • Change management 

  • Culture and team engagement 

  • Strategic planning 

  • Communication campaigns 

  • Media relations 



September 2022 


Forward-thinking Communications Consultant: Enhancing Brand Awareness Through Strategic Roadmaps

This Evo consultant has diverse experience in corporate, media, small business and agency environments, working alongside leadership to identify business goals and communications strategies to enhance brand awareness.  This individual is known for diving in, aligning internal teams and creating a strategic roadmap to implement communications best practices to engage key audiences and stakeholders.   

With adept experience crafting effective internal and external communications, this individual has proven success increasing customer acquisition, engagement, traffic and sales across global organizations.   


  • Brand and communications strategy 

  • Content creation 

  • Internal communications 

  • Change management  



Immediate availability, up to 20 hours per week.  


Evo consultant testimonial

Supported and appreciated

I learn something from Amy every time we work together. When she selects you for a project team, it’s because your skills and experience match exactly what the client needs. This helps consultants onboard quickly and make a difference for clients from day one. Amy takes great care of the people who partner with her. I feel supported and appreciated throughout every project.

Evo consultant