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Coaching with our Founder and CEO, Amy Spencer

​In addition to placing temporary talent on your team, our CEO Amy Spencer is a valued mentor and coach to business leaders and corporate communication professionals across the country.      

From ideation to implementation, Amy has proven experience launching successful communication functions, leading executive roundtables and executing business audits to support the needs of her clients.   

Amy is passionate about helping clients evolve and optimize their communications functions to match the growing and ever-changing needs of their business. 

Coaching experience includes

  • Helping new leaders acclimate to the corporate environment

  • Optimizing operational models

  • Facilitating annual strategic processes

  • Helping leaders who are new to corporate communications

What others say


I called on Evo to step in and provide communications leadership for an open role on my team. Evo jumped in with both feet and did what needed to be done.  They dug in to truly understand the organization, the people, and the priorities - and provided seasoned, insightful communications counsel, as well as execution.  I was thoroughly impressed by how much they owned the challenges and outcomes.

Ruth, Vice President Communications