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Predictors of the Rise of Solo Talent

Last week I found this fascinating old video and wanted to share it with you. Fifty-eight years ago, futurist Arthur C. Clarke predicted a world that is shockingly accurate to the one we live in today. Speaking of careers, he said, “[Professionals] will no longer commute. They will communicate. They won’t have to travel for business anymore, they’ll only travel for pleasure.”

Flash forward 50 years and one pandemic later, and I’d say Clarke is relatively spot on. Taking it one step further, this video triggered another memory. Twenty-five years ago, a wise leader of mine said, “One day, everyone will work for themselves.” Back then it seemed far-fetched, but now I see that it’s happening.

I’m always inspired to see how our Evo circle of independent consultants builds the life they want and then fits their work into that life. One of our consultants spends time living in an RV and does her work from national parks, another adjusts her time zones to align with her clients while making frequent trips to bucket-list destinations around the world.

Looking to add a consultant to your own corporate communications team? Click here to read more about the Evo consultants who are seeking the right professional match. Some are ready for a new assignment now, some are enjoying their summer and will be ready to return to work in the fall.

Client testimonial

"Amy and her team at Evo Communications guided us in a thorough review of our employee engagement and internal communications strategy. The Evo team worked seamlessly to listen to employees, understand the changing needs of our business, and create a spot-on plan to elevate and modernize our approach to engaging with our employees. They have become invaluable partners. I cannot recommend Evo highly enough."

Vice President, Human Resources

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