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5 Things I've Learned About Today's Corporate Communications Teams

On Evo Communication’s fifth anniversary, here are five trends that I see happening within corporate communications teams at mid-to-large sized companies.

1. Communications teams get a boost of energy from the right solo consultant.

When teams are overstretched it can feel like a game of whack-a-mole, you’re constantly solving problems at the forefront without making long-term progress. Integrating the right fractional consultant into your organization can offer immediate relief. It can allow teams to keep their focus on top priorities, resulting in a boost of morale. Temporary communications consultants can also add needed skillsets to build out a sustainable new function within a team. This kind of targeted and flexible partnership allows leaders to champion new initiatives and focus on communications strategies that advance business objectives.

Selecting the right consultant for your team can re-charge the energy within the group, improving team culture and raising the bar on team performance long after their assignment ends. 2. Buying skills on a temporary basis can help start something new or test an idea.

Businesses are growing and changing, which leads communications teams to start new functions and practice areas to support the business. Business growth doesn’t always align with headcount growth. Sometimes there may be other budget dollars available for consulting support. Evo has found great success bringing in experienced contract talent to start a new communications capability and demonstrate the long-term value. We’ve helped clients build a case for additional headcount by starting up new capabilities in employee communications, social media, stakeholder engagement, and more. 3. Integrated teams are the future.

Solo professionals and corporate business leaders are awakening to the benefits integrated teams offer. Creating a team that blends employees with fractional consultants supports the growing desire for more work-life balance within teams. Employees can also win big by sending the work that repeats annually to a fractional consultant, leaving room for the employee to work on new initiatives and place more focus on their own career development. Solo consultants can win big, too – working on cyclical lift-and-land projects and repeating that work at different companies builds a highly specialized skill that places these solos in high demand. Integrated teams of employees and consultants that work in concert are the way of the future.

4. More corporate communications leaders are entering the industry from adjacent functions.

More than ever, I see professionals from marketing, broadcast news, human resources, community relations, and other industries making career moves to executive-level corporate communications positions. While these are exciting moments, the change often creates a knowledge gap that leaders are anxious to bridge. I've found that with a series of tailored one-on-one sessions, I can help experienced leaders who are new to our industry find their way fast by tapping into use my years of experience leading corporate communications teams.

5. When you are in the thick of it, it's hard to look up from the work.

One story I often hear from corporate communications leaders is, “I haven’t networked in years.” Communications leaders are working within a more complex social and business context than ever before. When professional demands take over, often the first things pulled off the calendar are networking coffees, Zoom happy hours and after-work industry events. When the need for temporary talent comes up, the first call is often to Human Resources to ask for help. However, internal recruiting options frequently fall short when it comes to finding the right communications candidates for temporary support needs. This can leave busy corporate communications leaders in a bind.

That is where Evo steps in. Since corporate communications is our focus, we intimately know the skillsets needed to succeed at any communication task. We dive in and expertly define the talent need, with an understanding of specialized communications skillsets that are key to success. In a brief phone call, we gather the details. Then we select and vet highly qualified independent communications talent and bring them to our client for review and selection. Often, this all happens within the course of a week. We relieve the pressure and make it easy for our clients.

Evo is excited to continue supporting clients in building and expanding their corporate communications functions and finding the perfect solo talent to help realize their vision.

Cheers to another five+ years of learning and partnership!


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