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About Evo

Evo Communications knows that strategic communications has the power to drive business results. That’s why we help you fill your temporary communications roles with highly qualified professionals who can onboard themselves and get to work right away!  

We are a certified woman-owned virtual agency of independent corporate communicators. We work alone, in pairs or in curated teams to meet the specific needs of our clients. With foundations in Fortune 500 companies, we leverage our collective strengths to meet your needs, acting as a seamless extension of your team. 

From supporting your entire corporate communications function, to focusing on one specific area of need, to adding temporary bandwidth to your team, the Evo team is motivated to offer innovative solutions that drive results.

We listen closely, get up to speed fast and partner with you to ensure that your business is supported

by the right mix of talent and expertise.  We are the kind of partners that are

ready roll up our sleeves and do the hard work.   


Amy Spencer is the Founder and CEO of Evo Communications, an organization driven to connecting top-tier communication consultants to corporate

clients nationwide.  As a communications executive, with more than

20 years of experience working in organizations including Kohler,

Target and UnitedHealth Group, Amy founded Evo with the mission

of supporting corporate leaders - building communication

functions, capabilities and bandwidth with mid-to-large

companies.  Evo takespride in it's ability to develop and support

integrated teams in collaborative partnerships with clients by

tailoring their approach to the evolving and specialized needs of

their clients.  Whether you are seeking a fractional Chief 

Communications Officer to create a roadmap for the growth of your

corporate communications function or looking to temporarily fill an open position on your team, Amy and the Evo team are motivated to drive clarity, connection and results so you can focus on your corporate objectives.  

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Notable accomplishments

  • Spearheaded large retailer's supply chain operational communications function from ideation to implementation 

  • Helped establish the reputation management function at a brand-name company to elevate and protect corporate reputation, managing risk and stakeholder engagement 

  • Served as leader of employee communications for a top-five U.S. company

  • Led the rollout of one of the largest internet migrations 

  • Two-year board member of the International Association of Business Communicators – Minnesota Chapter 

Our values

We’re experts with decades of experience in every communications discipline, across dozens of industries. Our values align with equality, diversity and transparency. We find that when our values and ethics align with those of our client's we develop our most valued, productive and successful partnerships.

We believe in staying a step ahead. We will place ourselves in your shoes, take on your perspective, and seek to anticipate your needs so that our work is on target and your attention remains on the other important matters ahead of you. ​


We believe in staying focused on your evolving priorities. We will check in on our partnership at least quarterly to ensure that the value we bring is meeting or exceeding your expectations.​


We believe in no surprises. We will always give you a heads up and our honest and forthright take on any unforeseen situation.​


We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated. We think of our professional partners as our valued friends and seek to treat them as we would treat the people in our life who we care about most. ​​

We believe in equal respect for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, physical ability or sexual orientation. We conduct business with a spirit of inclusion and we expect the same from our clients and partners.​

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