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About Evo

Evo Communications knows that strategic communications has the power to drive business results. That’s why we help you fill your temporary communications roles with highly qualified professionals who can onboard themselves and get to work right away!  

We are a certified woman-owned virtual agency of independent corporate communicators. We work alone, in pairs or in curated teams to meet the specific needs of our clients. With foundations in Fortune 500 companies, we leverage our collective strengths to meet your needs, acting as a seamless extension of your team. 

From supporting your entire corporate communications function, to focusing on one specific area of need, to adding temporary bandwidth to your team, the Evo team is motivated to offer innovative solutions that drive results.

We listen closely, get up to speed fast and partner with you to ensure that your business is supported

by the right mix of talent and expertise.  We are the kind of partners that are

ready roll up our sleeves and do the hard work.   


Meet Amy Spencer, the heart and soul behind Evo Communications, a Minneapolis-based company committed to connecting exceptional corporate communications consultants with organizations across the country. Amy's career as a communications leader spans more than two decades and is marked by substantial contributions to companies such as Target, UnitedHealth Group, Kohler and more.  


These experiences fueled Amy's vision for Evo—an organization that focuses on empowering corporate leaders by bolstering their team’s communications capabilities, building effective functions and


significantly expanding their bandwidth. Amy merges her expertise in leading and developing corporate communications functions with her passion for finding creative talent solutions and cultivating strong client partnerships that drive success.  

Amy prides herself on her reputation for being a thoughtful and trustworthy problem solver who approaches her work with tremendous focus, commitment and empathy. She is highly engaged with her clients and consultants. The “Evo Circle of Talent” is personally curated by Amy and is a select group of independent corporate communications consultants who possess specialized skills and a track-record of success. Evo consultants understand how to navigate large, complex organizations and quickly deliver value. Amy works personally with every Evo client—often CEOs, CCOs, CHROs and CMOs – to learn firsthand about their unique organizational challenges and helps address them in partnership. 

Outside of Amy’s role at Evo, she is a passionate advocate for women in business. Her dedication to empowering women is reflected not only in her leadership of a certified woman-owned company, but also in supporting and advising other independent corporate communications pros on starting a solo communications business. For every new client, Evo makes a $500 donation to WomenVenture to help more women start their own businesses. 

Looking to hire a communications consultant?  Ready to explore potential collaborations or inquire about personalized coaching services?  Schedule a meeting with Amy here. 

Our values

We’re experts with decades of experience in every communications discipline, across dozens of industries. Our values align with equality, diversity and transparency. We find that when our values and ethics align with those of our client's we develop our most valued, productive and successful partnerships.

We believe in staying a step ahead. We will place ourselves in your shoes, take on your perspective, and seek to anticipate your needs so that our work is on target and your attention remains on the other important matters ahead of you. ​


We believe in staying focused on your evolving priorities. We will check in on our partnership at least quarterly to ensure that the value we bring is meeting or exceeding your expectations.​


We believe in no surprises. We will always give you a heads up and our honest and forthright take on any unforeseen situation.​


We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated. We think of our professional partners as our valued friends and seek to treat them as we would treat the people in our life who we care about most. ​​

We believe in equal respect for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, physical ability or sexual orientation. We conduct business with a spirit of inclusion and we expect the same from our clients and partners.​

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