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Pricing Models: Hiring an effective corporate communications firm

On the fence about partnering externally with a corporate communications firm like Evo? Allow us to break down four potential pricing models to seamlessly bring us into the fold of your organization.

Retainer Rate

A set price for a longer period of time (months, not days or weeks). Paid in advance, such as at the start of the month for that upcoming month’s work. Includes somewhat defined parameters for what the project work will cover. Works well for a client who wants help with whatever is hot for a certain number of hours a week, with some room to evolve the focus as business needs evolve. Works well if for clients that want to outsource corporate communications to Evo and have us operate as an extension of the internal team. Our retainers come with a discounted rate for regular ongoing work over time. 

Project Rate

One price for a specific defined scope of work and/or set of deliverables, as well as a timeline. Price is usually billed in 2-3 parts: one payment upfront to get started and one at the end. For a project longer than two months, this may break into three parts, adding a mid-point payment when the project gets to a defined stage of completion, and final payment when final deliverables are submitted. Project rates can be appealing because the client knows what they are going to get and when they are going to get it. However, it does require a crystal-clear project scope that has enough detail so both parties know what is going to happen and when. This takes time, detailed conversations, and perhaps a round or two of proposal revisions to ensure your needs will be met and the compensation is appropriate. 

Daily Rate

Good for short, quick engagements. For example, facilitating a planning meeting such as working on a marketing/communications annual strategic plan. Conducting media training for a half-day or full-day. 


Very straight forward. Time is tracked and you are billed for time spent. Time is billed in 15-minute increments. Evo typically does not work on a straight hourly rate untied to a project or retainer or a set minimum number of hours. The exceptions are mainly for consulting on a crisis or for temporary staff augmentation.


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