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Starting up an internal
communications function

Case study


  • A global B2B company saw the need to build an employee communications function and ​turned to Evo for help. ​

  • Evo ignited a combination approach to ensure that consulting research, roundtables and benchmarking were authenticated through simultaneously providing block-and-tackle daily communications support. 


  • Facilitated an audit of current-state communications content

  • Conducted a set of virtual employee roundtables

  • Placed one Evo consultant at the company for 10-15 hours a week to focus on employee communications and intimately understand daily demands

  • Created a timeline and guidebook of prioritized next steps for building the function​

Tactical implementations

  • Established consistent channels for company communications​

  • Increased transparency, strengthening employee alignment and trust across the organization ​

  • Shifted focus from ​HR communications to a shared service covering all internal communications

"Amy and her team at Evo guided​ us in a thorough review of our employee engagement and internal communications strategy. The Evo team worked seamlessly to listen to employees, understand the changing needs of our business, and create a spot-on plan to elevate and modernize our approach

to engaging with our employees. They have become invaluable partners. I cannot recommend

Evo highly enough."

-Vice President, Human Resources

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